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What Is The FireSak?

All lithium battery packs are unstable. A charged PEV battery is essentially just a giant block of potential energy waiting to be unleashed. When these batteries are damaged, charged incorrectly, stored in the car on a hot day, dropped, crashed, or otherwise upset they are known to explode. 

They will explode in people’s houses, garages, cars, or even while they are riding. So, what can we do to mitigate the risk of one of these fires occurring on our property? Well before now there wasn’t a whole lot, which is why we invented the FireSak! 

The FireSak is a fire-resistant bag in which you can store, or transport, your electric unicycle. The Large bag measures 23″x 13″ x 27″ and features 3 layers of ‘fireproof’ material, Kevlar reinforced stitching, top zipper, padded carrying handles, reinforced straps with 80lb carrying capacity, and PV reinforced bottom plate. This bag won’t prevent your PEV from catching on fire, but it will certainly mitigate or reduce the potential damage to your home on the chance that your battery does go up in flames. You can Velcro the lid open and slide the bag upside down over the top of your wheel for peace of mind while at home charging. Alternatively, you can zip the wheel inside the bag and put it in your trunk for peace of mind while driving.