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Why Get A FireSak?

Over time even high quality lithium batteries can become unstable. Wear and tear from normal use of PEV batteries leaves them susceptible to spontaneous combustion! Electric Unicycles, E-skates, E-bikes, and many more can combust at any time. So why would you store these inside of your house without protection?

The FireSak is a fire resistant bag meant to act as a storage and transportation solution for large lithium battery-powered devices.

If your lithium battery randomly explodes then this bag can help keep surrounding areas safe from fire. You can also use the fireproof handles to drag the fire into a more safe location.

NOTE: The FireSak is not a perfect fire solution. It is meant to act as one of your many layers of defense against lithium fires. You should not assume you are safe just because your battery is in a FireSak. Surrounding materials can still catch fire if not properly protected. The bag has only been tested on wheels less than 2000 watt hours. We never recommend charging batteries with known damage, defects, or water exposure.

Keeping your home safe, and your mind at ease!

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FireSak Disclaimer:


This FireSak is not to be considered a ‘life safety’ product. Proper use of this FireSak does not eliminate the risk of damage due to fire, smoke, or otherwise. Under no circumstances shall FireSak, its affiliates, partners, creator, or suppliers be found liable for any damages or injury resulting from the use of the FireSak. By use of this product the user assumes all liability.   

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